12:38am Pacific Time

A tumblog has been setup to track pictures of the hooligans that rioted in Vancouver after the hockey game, here: Vancity Riot Criminals Tumblog

12:30am Pacific Time

It is unfortunate that yet another Stanley Cup final in Vancouver has turned into a shameful riot. In 1994 we saw the same thing following a game 7 loss in the Stanley Cup final between the Vancouver Canucks and the New York Rangers–a game that, like the game tonight, Vancouver lost. Suffice it to say that most Vancouverites probably look upon this aberrant behavior with disdain, but the damage both literal and figurative has been done to the reputation of the city.

We are closing this live-blog report for now.

12:01am Pacific Time

Came across this video posted to YouTube, of an unlucky person in the crowd:

11:52pm Pacific Time

@Kevin_byDesign on Twitter makes the following observation:

Some people riot for The Goal of Freedom @IranNewsNow In N. America we riot over Goals in Sporting Events #VancouverRiot #CanucksRiot

11:46pm Pacific Time

Three more videos from the Vancouver Sun:

11:33pm Pacific Time

Another video from today’s riot in Vancouver:

Yet another video:

11:27pm Pacific Time

Reports of stabbings, people showing up at the hospital. According to CTV News, over 100 people treated for pepper spray exposure.

11:22pm Pacific Time

BREAKING: Police starting to move forward on Robson Street near Howe towards large crowd of lingerers. Police trying to deter the crowd.

11:15pm Pacific Time

Reports of Sears windows being smashed, as well as at Chapters and Future Shop. Also looting at the London Drugs. The scene looks like something straight out of a war zone.

Watch a live streaming report from CTV News here: http://watch.ctv.ca/news/latest/vancouver-riots/#clip485355

11:00pm Pacific Time

Approximately 3 hours after the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup final, reports are that crowds are dispersing, but there still appear to be pockets of activity. There are reports and video of looting, fires, fights, and battles between police and rioters.

When the rioting started the apocalyptic scene, especially on Georgia Street between Richards and Hamilton was like a scene straight out of the 2009 Iran uprising and the 2011 Arab Spring.

The Province has some amazing pictures from the riots.

10:49pm Pacific Time

Picture showing a guy dangling from on street sign overhang following the hockey game (source)

Another fire (source):

10:44pm Pacific Time

View a live-stream of the Vancouver riot here.

10:35pm Pacific Time

Video: Looting in Vancouver after riots broke out following a loss by the Canucks in game 7 of the Stanley Cup final:

10:30pm Pacific Time

Another picture (source):

10:24pm Pacific Time

Another photo of downtown, taken from the south side of False Creek. (source):

10:20pm Pacific Time

Some pics showing smoke from burning vehicles in downtown Vancouver:

10:04pm Pacific Time

Police on loudspeakers telling crowd to disperse, have said that this is now considered on illegal gathering in downtown.

9:46pm Pacific Time

Many cars on fire, including police cars. Firefighters finally coming into the city to put out the fires. Smoke everywhere.

9:45pm Pacific Time

Budget Rent-a-Car, the Bay, BMO Bank and office towers – windows smashed by rioters.

9:38pm Pacific Time

People waiting inside Queen Elizabeth theatre after a performance of Wicked, as riots continue on Georgia Street.

9:31pm Pacific Time

We can confirm that there have been riots and fights on Georgia, Granville, and Homer.

We can confirm that rioters have broken the glass at the Hudson’s Bay company and are inside looting right now.

Many fires throughout the downtown core.

9:20pm Pacific Time

After the Vancouver Canucks lost the final game in the Stanley Cup hockey championship, riots broke out, starting on Georgia Street between Richards and Hamilton Streets.

We are following the events and covering via this live-blog.

Here is a video of the crowds getting rowdy on Georgia Street, shows rioters jumping on flipped vehicles and starting fires as a stand-off with police develops.