The following is a live-blog of events and videos from protests in Syria today that were violently cracked down upon, with several people killed. Warning: some of the videos are very graphic! Viewer discretion is advised.

4:51 GMT

Video showing carnage from government attacks on Syrian protesters. Bodies lying in the street as protesters try to carry away the injured. Warning: Graphic!

4:00 GMT

This is an absolute must watch video – Wissam Tarif – remember his name. He has bravely revealed his name in an interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN, with the intent of breaking the fear-based control of the Assad regime.

2:30 GMT

The following video is from Euronews, describing the events:

This video shows protests in Deraa being attacked by government forces. Heavy gunfire can be heard. Bodies are strewn in the street:

WARNING: The following video is extremely graphic, and shows a man that has been shot in the head, presumably by government forces:

The next several videos show government forces attack protesters, shots can be heard being fired:

The following video is purportedly from Deraa (or variably spelt, Darra), shows an injured man surrounded by protesters presumably trying to help. Gunshots can be heard:

Another video showing an injured protester in Deraa:

The next two videos are purportedly from a mosque in Deraa:

“God, Syria, Only Freedom!

Loud chanting, “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom…!”

The following video is from Damascus, people chanting “Al Jazeera, where are you?”: