Semi-official Iranian government English-language news site, PressTV, reports that the cars of two professors were “exploded” by “unknown terrorists” in separate places in Tehran today. It is not clear if they were simultaneous bombings, but, according to the report, one professor, Dr. Majid Shariari, was killed while another professor, Fereydoun Abbasiin, and his wife were also wounded. The report claims the two were professors of Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran.

Dr. Scott Lucas of Enduring America states:

The assassination echoes the unresolved killing of physicist Masoud Ali Mohammadi in January 2010 when a booby-trapped motorcycle exploded near his automobile.

On January 12, only a couple weeks after the massive Ashura uprising and the subsequent political upheaval and intrigue that followed, a Tehran University professor of nuclear physics, Masoud Mohammadi, was assassinated when a bomb strapped to a motorcycle that was parked in front of his house was remote-detonated.

The areas of study of the two professors, Shariati and Abbasiin, were not stated in the PressTV report.