Rooz Online | August 14, 2010
by Arash Bahmani

Mir-Hossein Mousavi, a green movement leader, announced during a meeting with a group of students from Qom, Khorasan-Razavi and Chaharmahal Bakhtiari provinces that according to the constitution, “Voicing demands, wishes and the right to assembly are among people’s clear rights and no one can deprive them of these. Therefore, whenever people deem it necessary, they will use that right and will not await a message from me or people like me.” Speaking at a meeting in the presence of Zahra Rahnavard, Mousavi commented on the news that political prisoners had ended their hunger strike, by saying that, “The meaningful and hope-giving strike that prisoners undertook will gradually clarify its influential consequences and I congratulate these brave prisoners who broke their strike and saw its consequences.”

In another part of his message, Mousavi commented on the spread of lies and depression in society, noting, “Today, the green movement has the power and capacity to resolve all the ethical concerns that friends point to, of course out of their sense of care and national duty.”

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