Radio Zamaneh | June 20, 2010

Eight Iranian university students were arrested charged with “propaganda against the Prophet Mohammad, planning disturbances, promoting monarchy, promoting atheism and disseminating misleading CDs.”

Shiraz Intelligence arrested the Open University students who are members of an Association for the publication National Development and were planning to hold a seminar ten days ago.

The students were arrested in the process of planning this seminar and are currently at the detention facilities of Shiraz Intelligence office.

Majid Razmjou, attorney for the students told RAHANA that the National Development Association has a valid permit and the students had gone through all legal channels and permits to organize their seminar.

Reportedly more students have been arrested in connection with this case and the actual number of detainees is still not confirmed.

The attorney for the detainees maintains that he has been impeded from visiting his clients with the excuse that the judiciary is still at the stage of investigations and he is not even allowed to see their files.

The National Development publication was supposed to launch its first publication beginning of this month; however, intelligence authorities stopped the launch.

The publication had gone through all the legal procedures and state news agency, IRNA had even reported the launch of the publication.