This is a live-blog report on events in Iran on the day following the anniversary of the 2009 Iranian presidential election. Usually in the days following a day of protests, videos and images captured by people on the ground during the protests continue to surface. We will chronicle as many of them as we can here as we come across them. To read this in chronological order it must be read from the bottom up. Please also note that the time-stamps are for when we posted something; they do not represent when the events posted occurred as the actual times of occurrence will vary depending upon when they are uploaded to the Internet, and when we receive them. Also please note that Iran News Now is not affiliated with any of the individuals or groups that filmed the videos. Some videos will have associated text, and names of organizations displayed. We are simply sharing the content via this live-blog.

[7:43 AM Tehran Time]

Radio Farda reports that Mehdi Karoubi is unable to leave the city of Qom as Ayatollah Sanei’s house is surrounded by thugs.

[4:55 AM Tehran Time]

Getting partial confirmation that both the Sanei and Montazeri homes were attacked. Seeking further confirmation.

[4:50 AM Tehran Time]

There is some confusion as to whether it is Ayatollah Sanei’s home in the videos below, or whether it is late Ayatollah Montazeri’s home. Either way, this is breaking news. We are seeking confirmation and clarity. In the meantime, here is another video, in which apparently a pro-Khamenei cleric is asking regime loyalists to attack Montazeris home. They seem to be referring to Khamenei as “Imam”.

Another video of regime goons purportedly attacking Karoubi’s home:

[4:05 AM Tehran Time]

CNN has interviewed opposition leader and presidential candidate in last year’s election, Mehdi Karoubi.

The following video is purportedly in front of the home of Mehdi Karoubi, showing an attack. We are seeking help in confirming this at this time.

[3:40 AM Tehran Time]

The following breaking video from Mehdi Saharkhiz‘s YouTube, purportedly shows the home of Grand Ayatollah Sanei being attacked. Ayatollah Sanei is a moderate Marja (source of emulation in the Shia faith) that has taken a strong stand since the rigged election against the harsh treatment of the Iranian people by the government. Since the death of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri in December of last year, he is one of the last remaining Grand Ayatollah with the clout to stand up against the regime.

[9:20 AM Tehran Time]

A picture from Iran green movement rally in L.A., from RoyasMusic on Twitter:

[5:40 AM Tehran Time]

Chants in the night in Tehran, following a day of protests marking the anniversary of the rigged Presidential election: