(Pedestrian) | April 5, 2010

The delegates of the coalition of reformist parties – the Imam Khomeini Line – met with Mir Hossein Mousavi and Rafsanjani today. The Rafsanjani visit is translated below (crossposted at Khordaad88). The Mousavi visit will follow soon on Khordaad88.


In continuing their new year visits, the delegates of the coalition of reformist parties, the Imam Khomeini Line, went to see Hashemi Rafsanjani today.

Mohammad Reza Tabesh [MP from the city of Ardakan, a nephew of Mohammad Khatami – sitting to the left of Rafsanjani] said: “although right now different issues are being discussed in the country, especially the the subsidies bill and the economic situation, we must not forget that these issues are secondary and the primary issue at hand is the stability and security of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He continued: “We must not see further distancing of the ruling establishment and the people. And we hope that the ruling establishment will use wisdom and foresight to fill the distances [that have been created].”

Referring to Ayatollah Khomeini’s statement that “parliament must be at the forefront” Tabesh said: “today, I think there is an absolute need for parliament to be at the head of the country’s affairs.”

It was then Hashemi Rafsanjani’s turn to put forth his views. “The disagreements that have been created in the current circumstance,  must be rectified. This is only possible with the leader at the forefront. All other forces must move in accordance with the pivotal role of the leader.”

Hashemi Rafsanjani referred to the different needs of Iran’s young population and said: “we must meet the youth’s cultural and social needs with appropriate planning. At the same time, we must act in a way such that the younger generations know of the value and worth of previous achievements. We must not talk in a way which degrades past achievements.”

He too referred to Ayatollah Khomeini’s statements about parliament being at forefront of the country’s affairs and recalled memories of the formation of the first parliament [after the revolution].

The head of the Assembly of Experts continued: “when the Imam [Khomeini] said that parliament must be at the forefront, this wasn’t a tactical or political statement, it was a foundational statement [which defined the basis of the Islamic Republic]. Because parliament is the symbol of the people’s will and the foundation of the rule of the people and the Imam emphasized that democracy must continue through parliament.”

Rafsanjani continued: “the Imam believed that parliament should be at the helm, and that saving the revolution would only be possible through valuing parliament. And in the same spirit, so through [valuing] the Imam, leader and the constitution. Parliament is a powerful body which has been able to bring many of the country’s laws to a conclusion.”

He referred to the negligence towards subsidies reform in the Fourth Development Plan and called this reform a very important task that would benefit the country if carried out properly. “Surgically removing subsidies [the subsidies reform bill] will certainly have consequences, and the greater the amount, the bigger the consequences and the shock. Carrying out this law requires a great deal of empathy, and correct management. It must not be carried out in a way to cause the discontent of the people.”

“Saving the Islamic Republic is of great importance, and in the new year, we need to create trust in the country’s political sphere.” He emphasized: “I am gravely worried to see that those who greatly care for the system are distanced [from the system]. Considering the situation in neighboring countries, if we are united, we can create an island of stability for the entire region.”

[via ParlemanNews]