(CNN) | April 10, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand (CNN) — Anti-government protesters displayed Saturday the bodies of two people who they said were protesters killed in clashes with security forces.

Also Saturday a Reuters cameraman was also shot and killed, the news agency’s bureau told CNN. He was Japanese, the bureau said, although he has not been named.

During the protests Thai security forces fired tear gas and water cannons at anti-government marchers attempting to break into military barracks in the heart of Bangkok on Saturday, state media reported.

The site of the protest is the headquarters of the army command, according to National TV.

The protesters have been rallying for weeks to demand new elections. Earlier Friday, they stormed the compound of a satellite center that distributes a signal for their television station, which was shut down by the government.

Police agreed to restore the station on condition that protesters vacate the compound.

After the group, known as the “red shirts,” retreated, a group of 4,000 soldiers seized the Thai satellite company and took the station, People Channel, or PTV, off air.

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