(The Guardian) | April 4, 2010
Martin Chulov, Baghdad

Explosions kill 32 and injure 200 in strikes on consulates of Iran, Egypt, Syria. German ambassador’s residence may have been primary target

Three powerful explosions hit foreign embassies in Baghdad today, killing 32 people and wounding almost 200 in what appeared to be the fifth wave of a Sunni militant campaign designed to decimate strategic targets throughout the capital.

The Iranian, Egyptian and Syrian embassies were all damaged by massive blasts within a five-minute period from 11.20am. The German ambassador’s residence and nearby embassy, which are located near the Syrian mission, were also affected, leading government officials to suggest they may have been primary targets.

The blasts were the first large-scale attacks since the election on 7 March and shattered a two-month pensive lull across Baghdad. The upscale neighbourhood of Mansour in central Baghdad, home to many embassies and government buildings, was again the scene of the mayhem. For the fourth time in nine months, the checkpoints that dot access roads and intersections throughout the area were penetrated by vehicles carrying bombs that were estimated to weigh at least 500kg (1,100lbs).

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