On Wednesday, Iranians will celebrate the ancient fire festival of Chahar Shanbe Soori. Dating back to the time of the Zoroastrian’s (before Islam came to Iran) people set fires and jump of them at the start of the new year in an act of spiritual cleansing. Here is the Wikipedia page on Chahar Shanbe Soori.

This year’s Chahar Shanbe Soori has particular significance because Iran is in the middle of the biggest challenge to the rule and power of the regime in control of the country since the founding of the Islamic Republic. This challenge has been posed by a people’s movement, called the Green Movement, and has manifested itself primarily via massive, non-violent street protests that the government has tried to quell thru the use of violent force. The Islamic Republic views Chahar Shanbe Soori as a pagan ritual, but has never been able to stamp it out. It is considered by Iranians as a link to their cultural heritage and has always been a day in which they remind the so-called “Islamic” regime that they are still Iranian.

The following video serves as a rallying call for the Green movement to be present during this year’s Chahar Shanbe Soori: