(Radio Zamaaneh) | March 25, 2010

Human Rights Activists in Iran claims that the “plot against human rights activists in Iran is being carried out by the Revolutionary Guards Corps.”

The human rights group contends that the activists are being arrested and transferred to Evin Prison from all over the country and their files are not accessible by their attorneys.

They add that the detainees are not given the right to contact their families or lawyers and they are being kept in solitary confinement under harsh conditions. They are also allegedly being subjected to physical and psychological torture.

The Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRAI) contends that the detainees are under pressure to submit to television interviews and coerced confessions.

In the past few days Iranian state-backed television has been airing reports in condemnation of the HRAI.

Iranian judiciary claims that a network of opposition groups with the codename of “Iran Proxy” had been operating in Iran waging a “cyber war” against the system. They also contend that human rights groups such as the Human Rights Activists of Iran, Defenders of Human Rights Centre and Human Rights Reporters are involved in this operation.

Islamic Republic authorities claim this operation is responsible for “hacking into government websites, organizing and supporting foreign opposition and terrorist groups, carrying out illegal gatherings, publishing falsehoods, waging psychological warfare and espionage.”

The human rights activists have denied these charges and repeatedly maintained that they are completely independent organizations.

Human Rights Activists has published a list of 35 people which they claim have been arrested in connection with the government plot to suppress human rights activists in Iran.

Tehran’s Revolutionary Court announced earlier that they have arrested 30 people in connection with a plot to “destabilize the government through cyber warfare.”

Human rights groups claim these charges are all fabricated and the detainees are in fact legitimate activists whose activities in the human rights arena is unpalatable to the government.