(Khordaad88) | March 19, 2010
Thanks to Khordaad88 for providing the English Translation of Karoubi’s Nowruz Speech

Source: Saham News
Date: Friday, March 19, 2010

In the Name of God, the Compassionate and the Merciful,

I extend a happy new year to all Iranians both inside and outside Iran. I offer my good wishes to other Farsi-speaking nations, and anyone else who celebrates Nawruz. I pray to God for greatness, independence, freedom justice and prosperity.

Unfortunately, the previous year was not a good one. People felt the economic pressure in their daily lives via inflation. We also witnessed an enthusiastic voter turnout in the millions, [yet when this crowd] voiced peaceful criticism, officials responded violently instead of listening to the demands expressed. [Many were] tortured and others were martyred on the streets. Journalists were detained in unprecedented numbers. Media and newspapers were restricted, and demands [for rights] were not met. These bitter incidents were a result of the misbehavior of those who did not follow the rule of law, and who did not consider what was best for the establishment. They insisted that whoever thinks differently than [they do] is involved in sedition and anarchy and [acts as] a puppet to foreign powers. They reacted this way despite the fact that they knew very well that these were people were committed to the Revolution and to the betterment of Iran. Unfortunately, they weakened the establishment and later made accusations that people [like us] were working against it!

What we ask, first of all, is the meaning of ‘establishment.’ ‘Establishment’ refers to our values; it refers to 75 million people; it refers to the Constitution; it refers to the Islamic Republic. If that is what ‘establishment’ means, then we definitely support it; we express [our utmost zeal towards it] and our national interests to the point that we are ready to give our lives. We believe that the potential of our Constitution is extensive enough to include everyone in the country. It is a ‘safe haven,’ like Noah’s Arc, which includes all 75 million Iranians. This is what we mean by ‘establishment.’

However, if what you refer to as the ‘establishment’ includes only a certain appetite, a certain group, and if the establishment is composed of a group that only includes a very limited number of [hardline] clerics like Jannati, Yazdi, Mesbahe-Yazdi, Shujooni, Hassani of Urumiye, Ta’eb, Rasa’i, Hosseinian; well, if this is what you call the establishment… or when its proponents are: Judge Mortazavi, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Elham, Naqdi, people of this sort – or Marandi or that man, Jalaloddin-Afghani, who murdered an innocent person for hunting a partridge! Then, yes, we are indeed opposed to this establishment, which is really just a small boat!

The Islamic Republic is vast and all-inclusive, with room for all people and opinions. Even if it does not include a group it at least welcomes [that difference.]

I will end here, with prays to God wishing that he bestows good fortune on everyone [on this New Year.]