(Los Angeles Times) | February 19, 2010

Opposition leaders Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi said they will soon address the Iranian people about the country’s ongoing domestic political crisis in the wake of last week’s failed attempt by protesters to hijack an annual pro-government rally, according to Karroubi’s website, Saham News.

According to the report, “the two men promised to speak to the Iranian people on [the country’s domestic political situation] and inform them about the different means of peacefully reclaiming their rights.”

Many worry that the green-themed opposition movement born out of their failed presidential campaigns in last June’s disputed elections is losing steam.

The pair held a two-hour confab at Mousavi’s house Wednesday night, only their second in recent months.

That in itself should hearten Iran’s opposition. Disgruntled activists had sharply criticized the two for not coordinating efforts enough after opposition failures during the Feb. 11 anniversary of Iran’s Islamic revolution. Government security forces and supporters routed the opposition on the streets.

According to Saham News, the two thanked their supporters for taking part in the mostly peaceful protests on Feb. 11 and “criticized attempts by certain groups to exploit the people’s presence last Thursday in favor of certain political ends.”

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