(Enduring America) | February 26, 2010
Scott Lucas

No doubt this morning about the big news out of Iran. On Thursday, the Supreme Leader tried to lock down the security of his position once and for all, declaring that opposition leaders “have lost their credibility by denying the results of the elections. They did not surrender to the law and committed a great sin….[They] have stepped down from the rescue ship and have lost their credibility to remain within the framework of the Islamic establishment.”

So that’s an unambiguous warning to Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi to shut up, for example, giving up on Karroubi’s latest call for a referendum on the Guardian Council and for the regime’s permission for mass protest. But Khamenei has made such statements before: he did so just after the June election, before the Qods Day marches in September, and before the Ashura demonstrations in December.

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