(Payvand) | February 19, 2010

MEDIA ALERT by Solidarity Committee for the Advancement of Democracy in Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran, desperate and incapable of responding to the most basic demands of its people, has created an atmosphere of excessive terror to stop the nation from further calls for justice. The Islamic Republic, in addition to all other violations of human rights which it has committed against people of Iran during the last thirty years, has lately launched a series of brutal warrantless arrests, long term imprisonment for unspecified charges, and astronomically high bail. Worst of all it has executed without trial or even notification of either defense attorney or  families of the victims.

The most recently of the executions is of one young man, Arash Rahmani Pour charged as a “mohareb” (one who fights against the God and His emissaries), terrorized the nation, especially the families of those who are in prison, since this charge is so vague that it could easily apply to anybody.

Although many people were charged with this offense these past thirty years, it is the first time   that one is being executed for that charge. It is feared that this unprecedented charge, apparently supported by high ranking clerics supportive of the regime, will be the beginning of series of judicial murders which, if not stopped now, will lead to a massive slaughter.

The Solidarity Committee for Advancement of Democracy in Iran (SCADI) requests the immediate attention of the UNHRC to this important issue. Indeed, the situation in Iran, where the life of thousands of innocent people in various prisons and detention centers are threatened by arbitrary trials and coldblooded executions, requires extremely urgent measures to prevent the world from witnessing another catastrophe. Therefore, in addition to the routine UNHRC regular investigations, we urge the Secretary General of the United Nations to take all possible measures to save the lives of the innocent Iranians.

UN Human Rights Council has conducted its Universal Periodic Review of Iran on February 15-17. Since the lives of many of Iranian citizens are in immediate danger we demand that the Council:

  1. sends a delegation to Iran to investigate the status of political prisoners
  2. appoints a Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran
  3. issues a strong warning to the Islamic Republic with a deadline.

Event Information

Date: Saturday February 20, 2010
Time:9:30 AM – 8 PM
Place:  Room 402 Borough of Manhattan Community College
199 Chambers Street, New York, NY, 10007

6:30 -8 PM Vigil (Media is ONLY invited to this event)

Union Square, New York City


New York: Solidarity Committee for Advancement of Democracy in Iran
Vancouver: Neda for Freedom
Atlanta: People4Iran [February 19-21st, 2010]
Montreal: Committee to Defend Iranian people’s struggle

Ottawa: Persian Cultural Association
San Francisco: caspianvoice.org
Los Angeles: Supporters of “Mournful Mothers” of Iran in LA
Dallas: Anjoman Ara Iran

Supporters of the event:

Boston: Boston Iranian Coalition
Washington DC: Solidarity Committee to Protect Iranian People’s Will
Toronto: Neda for Peace and Freedom
Orange County: Orange County Iranians for Democracy
Arizona: Democracy and Freedom for Iran
Chicago: Committee in Solidarity with people’s Struggle in Iran
Florida: Florida for Free Iran


The Solidarity Committee for the Advancement of Democracy in Iran was formed in 2009 to:

  • Defend human rights and the dignity of the people of Iran
  • Demand free elections under the supervision of international monitoring organizations as well as Iranian people’s representatives
  • Relay the Iranian people’s cry for justice to the rest of the world
  • Promote the vision of a secular and democratic Iran

Media Contact:
Dr. Kourosh Parsa
(203) 570-6964