Prolific Twitter user and citizen journalist, Persianbanoo has tweeted an English translation of much of what Mousavi said in an interview with Kalameh today. We have slightly edited the tweets and put them together here. Please note: her translations of Mousavi’s interview are only excerpts and not the complete transcript.

Karoubi and I have decided, based on Article 27 of the Constitution, to repeat once again our request for a permit for a march. Our nation wants a progressive foreign policy and not a hostile, unfriendly foreign policy. Our nation wants that, under pretense of privatization, industries are not controlled by government entities and Sepah [Islamic Revolutionary Guards]. Our nation wants that our teachers and labor forces are not beaten or attacked for asking for their rights. Our nation wants that women don’t become subjects of accusations and attacks for wanting their equal rights. Our nation wants that the voices of all are heard from the national media and not only the voices of the few. Our nation does not like to be divided into two: groups: “God’s Party” and “Devil’s Party”. Our nation does not like their letters, text messages and phone conversations to be monitored. Our nation does not like their freedom to be limited, their constitution to be ignored. Our nation does not like their newspapers to be banned. Our nation does not like daily instructions [by the government] of what is allowed to be written about, or talked about. The desires of our nation are also the desires of the Green Movement. These facts should be distributed among the people of our nation by the Green Movement by all possible means. What we are asking for is both Islamic and Constitutionnal. Our requests are not against Shiria laws but they have resulted in shootings, murders and imprisonments. Our requests are not un-nationalistic and are not against the establishment, they are the people’s rights. Pursuing freedom, and human rights, and removing discrimination, and accepting differing view points R not illegal