This is a live-blog started on reports of military vehicles and troops moving in Tehran. Reports are made as they arrive to us in real-time. To read chronologically, start from the bottom of this report and read upward.

[3:35PM Tehran Time]

After almost an hour of no new information, an unconfirmed report of tanks moving towards Enghelab Square (Revolution Square).

I have to pause for a bit. Next update at 6:00PM Tehran time (2.5 hours from now).

[2:48PM Tehran Time]

Reporter, Omid Habibinia reports that Mashad’s Azad University is protesting a Basij attack that occurred there yesterday in with allegedly 30+ people were injured and 2 people actually killed.

[2:41PM Tehran Time]

Unconfirmed: report of crowds forming in Hafteh-Tir Square (Seventh of Tir Square) in Tehran.

[2:26PM Tehran Time]

I want to stress that this is completely unconfirmed, but there has been some chatter about planes being prepared for Khamenei to possibly be flowned out of the country if necessary. Again, this is unconfirmed.

There were similar reports circulating yesterday, as I mentioned earlier, but these reports were about senior opposition leaders fleeing to the north of Iran.

This could be a bit of psychological warfare occurring between the regime and the opposition or their supporters.

[2:07PM Tehran Time]

Reuters confirms reports of military in Tehran, also mentions the planned opposition rallies today (source):

“Hundreds of military forces and tens of armored vehicles … are moving toward Tehran. Some of the vehicles are used for suppressing street riots,” the Jaras website said.

[1:45PM Tehran Time]

Reliable source reports military forces are positioned in main central squares. This source typically reports from Tehran so that is where I assume he is reporting from now.

Yesterday, there was talk of a planned opposition protest at 3:00PM Tehran time. After a government attempt to show that they also have people supporting them (by holding rallies of their own in which they were able to show tens of thousands gathered in Enghelab Square) the situation is tense. The government did its best to display some strength at the grassroots, but this is a known tactic in Iran. People have become accostomed to the government bussing in people on the government payroll, people that are given days off by the government and “encouraged” to show up for the rally.

Following the government rally, tension has built. Rumors circulated that Mousavi and Karoubi may flee to the north of Iran, but those were quickly dispelled by Mousavi and Karoubi, both of which conveyed through various channels that they are still in Tehran and working for the people.

We will report on developments.