The website posted a letter purported to be from eight regiments of the Iranian army.

Enduring America writes:

The letter, signed by eight far-from-insignificant regiments, declares that they are loyal but cannot stand aside if the oppression and violation of the people continues. This oppression is a “betrayal”, and so the Army will defend the security of the people against aggressors to the last drop of its blood.

At this time, I cannot confirm if the letter is legitimate, but Gooya has been a reliable source of information in the past. If the letter is legitimate, it is a huge development in the political situation in Iran since the rigging of the presidential election on June 12th. There have been multiple protests now in opposition to the regime for the past 6 months, all of which have been confronted violently by the Revolutionary Guards (known as “Sepah-e-Pasdaran”) and the Basij militia forces.

Many protestors have been beaten, arrested, tortured, raped and murdered with impunity.

If indeed there are elements in the military that are courageous enough to issue a statement publicly warning the Sepah, and this becomes common knowledge in Iran, this will likely embolden the movement as the stakes will have been raised significantly.

An audio version of the letter has surfaced (via MikVerbrugge on Twitter):

Listen to an audio version of the letter in Farsi here.