Today we have seen a flurry of rumors online that an arrest of Mousavi may be imminent. A news website closely associated with Mousavi called Kalameh has issued this statement(English translation):

WARNING: Beware that an event is unfolding!

Kaleme: Following the planned scenario for disgracing Imam Khomeini and accusing the Green movement and the students of this act, since yesterday official pro-Ahmadinejad media have started a heavy propaganda with a hidden agenda and based on the information available it seems that they are preparing for some harsher crack downs.

All supporters of the Green movement are strongly advised to be extremely vigilant and make sure to stay on top of the latest news.

Because of the extreme restrictions on informing people, Kaleme (Mousavi’s official website) is advising other news media to warn their users about the necessity of being watchful!

You Are The Media !

I have received word from trusted sources that the concern in the Mousavi camp is genuine.

Coupled with the fact that Iranian state media (IRIB and others) have been airing video of Khomeini’s picture allegedly being burned by protesters, a narrative appears to be unfolding. It seems the regime is building up a case or “justification” for a potential large-scale crackdown on Green Movement leaders and protesters. Many speculate that the burning of Khomeini’s picture was done by regime operatives that want to create a casus belli for cracking down on the movement.

Such a move, if it were to occur will likely lead to an escalation in the showdown between the people and the coup government of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei.

It may be that the regime is trying to take the initiative away from the movement ahead of planned protests for December 27th.

We are following developments closely.