November 20, 2009
By Golnaz Esfandiari

Iran has increased its pressure on student activists ahead of the national Student Day on December 7.

Throughout Iran a dozen students are reported to have been jailed this week, including eight student activists arrested in Tehran on November 19.

Those arrested include a senior member of Iran’s largest reformist student group, Abbas Hakimzadeh, who had been released from jail recently after spending 120 days in solitary confinement.

Hakimzadeh was reportedly arrested at his home in the early hours of November 19. His personal items, including his computer, were confiscated.

Seven other student activists were arrested a few hours later during a raid by security forces at the home of one of the students. The detained students are members of the Liberal Students of Iran’s Universities, a group which campaigned for reformist cleric Mehdi Karubi during Iran’s presidential campaign.

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