Translated by an Iranian activist via Twitter and originally posted in the great online publicationEnduring America.

As you know, I as your servant have written several letters to the authorities about the post-election events. I could have never predicted that in the Islamic Republic, they would answer people’s peaceful demonstrations with batons and bullets. I witnessed the unthinkable on the streets and alleyways. I saw scenes that reminded me of my younger years.

As time passed, I heard the news of torture in the prisons and unthinkable acts in unnamed and unknown detention centres and unknown buildings and by unknown people. Detainees were treated with shameful and indecent acts, from making prisoners sit naked across each other, urinating on their faces, to releasing young girls and boys handcufffed in outskirts of the city. As though these were not enough, I started hearing reports of rapes. Three decades after the Revolution and two decades after Imam [Khomeini]’s passing, what have we become?

So I wrote a letter to the authorities asking for an investigation into these matters. Their answer was bombarding me with slanders and threats. The Friday Prayer Imams, by order, across the country slandered me. I told myself, if such atrocities had not happened they should just deny them, but instead from Friday Prayer tribunes and their media they attacked me, so I decided to stand firm.

For example I told them about a person who had been raped. Judicial authorities arranged a meeting. They interrogated this person in two sessions. After the second session, this person told me, “These people are after something else.”

The prosecutor had asked this person to go to the medical examiner’s office. I told him to do it. They continued interrogating this person and told him he should have remained silent for his own and his family’s sake and he should have not allowed some politician to use him. A few days later this young man came to me and said they have gone to his parents and neighbours questioning them. He said his parents didn’t know about the rape and his father has been crying since. The boy left and I didn’t hear from him anymore.

Last Tuesday his father came to visit me saying he is worried for his son. He said, “We are good Muslims, why are they doing this to us?” He said, “They have talked to all our neighbors and shopkeepers around us.” He said that they ring his doorbell constantly and then disappear. He said he has seen a big guy on a motorcycle filming his house.

What they did to this witness became a lesson for me not to introduce any more witnesses to the prosecution.

The second case I brought to their attention with documents was a young girl who had been arrested during a demonstration. She says they played with and touched her breasts in the car on the way to the detention centre. At the centre the interrogators had asked her to remove her pants. She refused. While she was on the floor, the pants were removed. As she was screaming for help, the higher-rank officer came in to enquire. The agents said to him, “This girl has taken her own pants off and is trying to dishonor us.”

The third case was a young person who was a member of a legal political party The parents contacted me. They already had a CD made & had the medical examiner’s report. This person did not claim he was raped. He said he had passed out during the hard beating he received and does not know what they did to him. He had swelling and redness of the rectum area. The medical examiner confirmed the redness and swelling of the rectum area and suggested the Justice Department should do further investigation on this matter. This person spent five days in detention and was beaten badly. This person was told they were moving him to Evin [Prison], but released him handcuffed and blindfolded outside the city limits.

I had documents for these three cases that I presented to the judicial panel. I verbally informed them of two others. The first was Taraneh Mousavi. I told them her family would not talk to me and asked them to do further investigation to find the truth. The witness to Taraneh’s case has also said her family would not talk to him/her. We witnessed the interview of the fake parents of the fake Taraneh on TV. They had told the fake family not to be concerned with anything and they will take care of everything

Apparently Mehdi Karroubi’s crime was that he had revealed Taraneh’s case, which is similar to the chain murders case. This caused the closing of my newspaper Etemade Melli.

I told them Taraneh’s case as I had heard it. Taraneh and friends were arrested in front of Qoba mosque [probably on 28 June]. The girls decided to pass phone numbers to each other so whoever was released earlier could inform families. During the transfers between places, one girl realized Taraneh was not among them. This girl, after her release, contacted Taraneh’s family and the authorities to inform them that Taraneh was missing. Apparently Taraneh’s mother was quite scared and told this girl not to contact her anymore. I asked the three-member panel to investigate this case and find the truth behind all of this.

[Then Karroubi goes thru a lot of discussion of Saeedeh Pouraghai, saying he realized she was not the daughter of a martyr and explains his conversations with Saeedeh’s stepsister. He also talks about finding out that this girl has been a runaway. He than talked about giving all information on Saeedeh and asks the panel to investigate further.

He then talks of an incident about a girl that had been arrested during a demonstration. The girl told him she and another girl had been raped in a van on the way to the detention centre. The girl asked Karoubi not to reveal her identity for if her parents find out she will commit suicide.

Karroubi also talks about the case of a nurse with similar stories whose information and picture he did not release. He says the nurse had been raped and she still had bruises on her body.

Karroubi than talks about how well the meeting went with the three-member panel and how they parted happily….]

The very next day, instead of investigating all of these matters I brought to their attention, they arrested [Alireza] Beheshti and [Morteza] Alviri, seized documents from my office and the Etemade Melli party office.

Now that I am quickly preparing this report, I know they just tried to close the matter somehow and fast. They claim I had no evidence and my charges were baseless. The three-member panel has asked the Justice Department to file charges against me. Do they not know that at the end people will do their own judgement and will decide who is telling the truth?

Thanks to @persianboo