People scream their displeasure at the government in Iran with various strong chants:

One chant, “Iran has become Palestine!” is very significant because Friday, September 18 is the day that the government has designated as Ghod’s day (Jerusalem Day). The government typically uses this day to parade their loyalists in the streets in a show of force and so-called support for the Palestinian cause. The Green Movement is planning to use the opportunity to protest against the dictatorship. By saying that Iran has become Palestine they are in effect equating the regime’s repression of Iranians to Israel’s repression of Palestinians. This is both an insult to the regime and a rallying cry for change.

Another chant heard in this protest:

“Coup Government, Resign, Resign!”

“God is Great!”

“Political Prisoners must be freed!”

Chants in support of Mousavi and Karoubi can be heard as well.