(CNN) — An opposition candidate in Iran’s disputed presidential election blasted what he called the “thoughtless and clear lies” of the country’s security forces Sunday, while students mounted new demonstrations at a university in Shiraz.

Former parliament speaker Mehdi Karrubi, who ran last in the June 12 election, compared government claims that it had not attacked his supporters to the statements that came out of the Iranian monarchy in the days before the 1979 revolution that established the Islamic republic, according to Iran’s Aftab news agency.

“How do they try to say that they do not confront people violently or to blame others? All of this took place in front of people’s eyes,” Karrubi told supporters, according to Aftab. “They kill the youth in front of people’s eyes and then say that they didn’t have firearms. As a member of this system, I am embarrassed of these thoughtless and clear lies.”

There were reports Friday that Karrubi himself was roughed up by members of the Basij, the paramilitary force loyal to Iran’s hardline leadership. CNN could not independently verify those reports at the time, but Karrubi said he was “assaulted” and that his turban was knocked off, according to Aftab.

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