Sometimes, when reading the words various leaders, you can almost feel an undercurrent to what they really meant to say. I had one of these moments when I read the following quote from President-select Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently (source: Reuters):

“They [arrogant western powers] should wait as a new wave of revolutionary thinking … from the Iranian nation is on the way and we will not allow the arrogant (powers) to even have one night of good sleep,” Ahmadinejad said, according to state broadcaster IRIB.

Do you get the feeling that he hasn’t been sleeping well of-late? Can you blame the guy? With all the uproar over the stolen election not having died down yet, and with people chanting, “Death to the dictator!” every night, if you were Mahmoud, you’d probably have a hard time sleeping to.

What can he do? KhamCo (the cabal headed by Supreme Leader Khamenei, and including Ahmadinejad, Mesbah Yazdi, the Guardian Counci, the Republican Guards, Basij and others to name a few) has doubled down on the rigged election. If only they hadn’t fumbled the rigging so badly. Almost a month and a half later, people are still pouring into the streets to protests, and those damn “foreigners” and computer nerds on Twitter and Facebook keep spurring them on! Why can’t they all just go home and shut up! Nobody except the die-hard regime loyalists love him anymore, and even they won’t listen to him!

When Ahmadinejad announced Mashaei, as his Vice-president they all had a hissy-fit over it.

I can hear the gears spinning in that brain of his. Perhaps he nominated Mashaei as a gesture of goodwill and moderation to the people he had just stolen the election from. Mashaei, afterall, had made conciliatory remarks towards the people of Israel. Maybe people would see the nomination of him as VP to be some kind of a concession or sign that term two for Mahmoud would be a more moderate one (face-slapping of arrogant powers notwithstanding). Maybe they would stop asking where there votes are and love Mahmoud again. Maybe they would appreciate the free sacks of potatoes!

Not so.

Now, even the exalted Supreme Leader is humiliating him. Khamenei has ordered him to reverse the nomination of Mashaei as his VP. In front of the world!

How sweet the sound of hand striking face would be right now. SLAP! But I digress.

Wishful thinking won’t get him out of this mess. Everyone is doubling down on their positions now.

The Kouseh (“Shark”) Ayatollah Rafsanjani, That foreigner-loving, velvet-revolution causing, unwilling to submit cousin of Khamenei–Mr. Mousavi, The “Oh, everyone look at me! Let’s have a Dialogue of Civilizations!” pontificating smiley-faced mullah ex-President Khatami, all of them, have put all their chips into the pot! They’re stirring up a brew. And Mahmoud may end up as the main ingredient.

What do then?

Well, if you can’t beat’em, join’em! Double down like they all have!

So Ahmadinejad has said that he will not ask Mashaei to step down as V.P., in direct defiance of Khamenei!

And speaking of the exhalted leader, he can’t be sleeping very well since he gave that fateful Friday prayers speech just over a month ago in Tehran University. The one in which he threw down the gauntlet and declared the people of Iran as the enemy.

He’s not losing any sleep over doing that. Afterall, his fatwa is (source reads:

“تصميمات و اختيارات ولى فقيه در مواردى كه مربوط به مصالح عمومى اسلام و مسلمين است، در صورت تعارض با اراده و اختيار آحاد مردم، بر اختيارات و تصميمات آحاد امّت مقدّم و حاكم است، و اين توضيح مختصرى درباره ولايت مطلقه‏است.” (Taken from the website of the supreme leader)

Translation: The decisions and rights of “Vali faqih” (supreme leader) in all the matters that concerns Islam and Muslims, is above the will and decision of the whole nation.

So it was well in his right to overturn the will of the entire Iranian nation and select Ahmadinejad as President for a second term. And he could lie about it too, based on the concept of Taghiyeh.

What’s causing him to lose sleep is the fact that those ignorant masses won’t shut the hell up and accept his orders that they should all–well–shut the hell up! And he’s also losing sleep over the fact that he had to use his political capital to support Ahmadinejad, and the guy has the nerve to nominate a Jew-loving Zionist, that Mashaei guy! The sheer nerve!

What is Khamenei supposed to tell the rest of KhamCo, the base, now? That he asked them to go and risk life and limb to attack and kill the protesters for a guy that will nominate a Jew-loving Zionist as his V.P.? That just won’t go over well with the base.

So what to do?

How about some chutzpah! How about invoking his power as the Supreme Leader, the Guardian and Jurisprudent, and representative of God on earth, himself, to force Ahmadinejad to drop the guy.

I’ll bet Khamenei is not too happy with his little protege now that he has undermined him by saying he’ll stick with his pick.

A lot of people are losing a lot of sleep these days it seems.