The following letter from an active duty US Army soldier was posted in the comments section at the bottom of this amazing collection of pictures from the Iran election protests.

This letter, signed, Anthony, speaks for itself. Thank you Anthony.

The letter:

I am an active duty US Army Soldier currently within Iraq.

I do not believe the US should interfere in Middle-Eastern/Persian politics.

HOWEVER, I do believe that what you are doing is right. I believe that whatever your country rightfully chooses and FREELY elects is what your country should have, be it Ahmedinejad, or Mousavi.

I do not agree with Ahmedinijad’s beliefs and plans for Iran, and I do believe that Mousavi can bring change to Iran during a time in which it needs it the very most. Iran has been in a very dark place in the world over the past 30 years, and I hope that this brings light to your country, that it brings light to the wrongs that dictatorship lead by theocracy has brought to your great nation.

I will never say that the Persians are evil people, only that there are few at the top which brings a bad name to the good people within. The people of a nation are the true heart and lifeblood of a country.

Seeing innocent Persians guilty of nothing but wanting their country to SUCCEED is what hurts me the most. Seeing their blood spilled by their own… Shameful. It is no different than doing harm to one’s own brother or sister.

The last time I checked, there were not outright attacks upon Ahmedinijad or his followers. Only a simple request that a nations voice be heard. A simple request that should be HONORED.

A government should reflect the desires and needs of the people.

DICTATING what is right or wrong for the people is no different from how Stalin starved off the great nation of Russia and her people,

-How Pol Pot led the proud people of Cambodia and forced them into submission,

-How Musolini led the good people of Italy into darkness,

-how Chavez is deciding what is important and needed by the wonderful Venezuelan people and inadvertantly crippling them,

-How Mao’s tyranny forced the Chinese into darkness, and the hunger of the Great Famine,

-Or how Hitler led the great nation of Germany straight into the ocean with his hate filled agenda.

America is not exempt either. Although hypocritical since this goes against my vows to support my Commander in Chief as a US Soldier, George W. Bush did not listen to the wants and needs of the people of the USA and tarnished our world image and reputation, something we can only hope that our honor is cleansed in upcoming years.

We are all brothers and sisters in this world. It is time that we learn how to help one another rather than strike eachother down and attempt to hold people under the leaders of nation’s thumbs.

I support the cause of the Iranian people, and sincerely hope that your voice will be heard by your government, and that what is ultimately right for your country will be solidified, and put into the history books so that our childrens children may know of the struggles we have gone through to provide hope for generations to come.

I leave this with you in utmost respect.

The Persian people are a great and strong people, who deserve the respect of the world. Any educated person could tell you the great achievements and deep history of Persia.

You will prevail.
June 22, 09 10:35 PM