Okay, I am utterly exhausted. No sleep in days because I’ve been enthralled watching what’s happening in Iran.

I used my video camera to film my TV as it showed CNN’s coverage of the Iran situation. In particular, I wanted to capture a report from an iReporter that was talking to the CNN anchor from Iran making claims about Mousavi and his supporters message to the Iranian people to rally. I just grabbed the camera, pointed at the screen and started filming because my DVR was full from other reports I had taped all day.

Anyway, I am having technical difficulties getting the video to the computer at the moment, but I wanted to show proof of the report that I tweeted about on twitter. So I took a picture of the LCD screen of my video camera at the point where CNN’s ticker showed, “Moussavi Supporters had called for Nationwide Rally”.

Here it is:


I will work through the technical problem I am having and post the video, but it will have to wait until tomorrow because I can barely think straight anymore from exhaustion.