MP Alikhani Vocally Calls the Election ‘Rigged’ in Parliament

By NiteOwl

This video has been called a fake multiple times – yet it is not. Everyone points to the date at the bottom and says it’s 21 years old. The date underneath is NOT March 03, 1988. It’s 26 Khordad 1388, which coincides with Tuesday, June 16, 2009 when protesters were out on the streets demanding a reelection. The SAT with the date isn’t for Saturday. For further authenticity, check out the speaker. It’s Ali Larijani. He’s only been speaker of the Majlis since May 2008. The MP in question is Hajsheikh Alikhani. The video speaks for itself. Read the subtitles for what’s in it. I only certify its authenticity. This is further proof of the political divide and of the election illegitimacy. – NiteOwl

P.S. At the end, the speaker keeps saying, “You’ve run out of time. Please stop.”

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