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In an amazing turn of events after an even more amazing day in the history of Modern Iran, during a live televised Press Conference in Iran, the disputed Ahmadejad was very boldy challenged by Robert Fisk, reporter for the Independent.

He challenged Ahmadinejad with courage.

I will give the FULL TRANSCRIPT of the transaction between the two shortly here on

Fisk basically asked Ahmadinejad about the recent execution of a 23 year old girl and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s use of executions and how Iran could ever claim to have justice.

Ahmadinejad replied “We oppose killing human beings. In fact we even refuse to kill an ant. But speaking of judicial systems of other countries they all follow their own rules [mentions US and Britain] … But execution can be used to make people avoid certain crimes … I try to create the social atmosphere in order to avoid these kinds of crimes. I will advise the judiciary to resolve this in a lenient manner.”

Again, I am transcribing the full transaction between Fisk and Ahmadinejad. I will publish this as soon is I can. This is breaking news so I am multi-tasking between listening to the conference and typing the report.

Even as I am about to publish this, a reporter from the Economist has challenged Ahmadinejad even more boldy than. More to come.


Christian Amanpour asks Ahmadinejad if he can guarantee the safety of Mousavi.


Christian Amanpour of CNN says, “You said you are President of all Iranians…. Mousavi, can you guarantee his safety and why have opposition officials been arrested?”

Ahmadinejad’s reply “The situation is very good in Iran. It is the most stable country in the world. There is rule of law in this country … All the people are equal … So some people are becoming excited and having confrontations with the police force. This is like someone coming out of a stadium and getting into confrontations with the police… they will be fined.”

She and he get into an actual verbal scuffle.

He angrily replied, “I answered your question! It’s like someone who does a traffic violation! He will be fined as if he violated the traffic rules … Of course I am not happy with someone who violates the traffic rules.”

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