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Must Watch Video: The Stream – Is Iran going offline? via @AJStream (featuring tweets from INN)

In case you missed it, a great program from the team at Al Jazeera’s The Stream. The topic of Internet access in Iran is a fascinating and important one. With the upcoming presidential election, Internet access in Iran has become extremely slow, and potentially perilous. This one is a must watch (and it even features […]

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Video: Iran and U.S. Wrestling Diplomacy – Iranian Fans Go Crazy for U.S. Team

The Iranian and U.S. wrestling teams have provided both countries with a rare opportunity…

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Must Watch – The Stream – “Parazit: Voice of America or voice of the people?” – Two tweets from Iran News Now featured

This is a must watch show. Watch it and let us know what you think. The show raised many interesting questions. Stay tuned for an Iran News Now special, an in-depth look at the show and evaluation of the discussion, with viewpoints from Dave Siavashi.

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Propaganda 101: Nanodiamonds, Nukes, “Western Officials”, & The Washington Post

Scott Lucas writes for EA Worldview video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player A discussion, including David Albright and Karim Sadjadpour, on a Sunday talk show about the IAEA report and Iran’s nuclear programme See also Iran Feature: Did Unnamed Officials Use the Media to Turn Nanodiamonds into Nuclear Bombs? A classic case study in how information/propaganda […]

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Aljazeera Special Programme: Letters from Iran

Watch this Aljazeera documentary programme examining the aftermath of Iran’s 2009 Green Movement Uprising.

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Ahmadinejad Announces Possible Release of U.S. Hikers within a “Couple Days”

Ahmadinejad says release of U.S. hikers would be a “humanitarian gesture”.

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Video: Where is My Vote? New York Tribute to 2nd Anniversary of Iran Election Protests

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Video: Tribute to Iranian Heroes

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Green Media: Muse’s “Uprising,” Iranian Style

be pa khiz- uprising!به پا خیز from greenmedia on Vimeo.

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(Audio) Interview: Majid Mokhtari Brother of Iranian Martyr Mohammad Mokhtari, “He wanted freedom!”

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New Song For Egypt by Wyclef Jean: “Freedom”

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Music Video: Let the Earth Bear Witness

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Egypt Revolution – Day 11 – Day of Departure, Friday of Farewell

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a live-blog report on protests and unrest in Egypt on February 4, 2011. The information and videos in this report are sourced from various social media outlets, with Twitter being our primary source. We will do our best to interpret the events, but the situation is chaotic and information is difficult […]

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Egypt: Al Jazeera Live-Coverage

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Support Iran’s Students

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Inside Story – Cutting ties with Iran? (Featuring Scott Lucas and Sadegh Zibakalam)

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Conversation with Maz Jobrani about his new movie, Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero

For theaters and show times visit

INN Special: A Conversation with Dr. Nina Ansary about Iran’s Women’s Movements

Dr. Nina Ansary is a prominent scholar and historian who has recently published the preeminent book detailing the history of Iran's Women's ...

INN Special: Interview and Conversation with Richard Raymond, Director of Desert Dancer, in Theatres April 10

Listen to the full interview by Sam Razi of the Director of Desert Dancer, Richard Raymond, here: Sam Razi’s Twitter: […]...

A Brave New Documentary by NBC News – #TwitterDiplomacy: The Making of a Nuclear Deal (Preview)

A brave new documentary by the fantastic team at NBC News. Here is a preview posted to YouTube by Ann […]...

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey and Iran President Hassan Rouhani Exchange Tweets on Net Freedom in Iran

Twitter has completely changed the way people of influence communicate with each and with their audiences, in conversations that take [&hell...

How Diplomacy with Iran will Improve Iran’s Human Rights Situation

The possible diplomacy of a moderate president like Rouhani can be a catalyst for human rights and systematic change, but it cannot be do...