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Radio Zamaneh: Iranian political detainee [Hossein Derakhshan] gets his first trial

Radio Zameneh | June 23, 2010 Tehran Revolutionary Court held Hossein Derakhshan’s first trial today, Fars News Agency reports. Derakhshan, who is known as the father of Persian blogging, is accused of “cooperation with enemy states, propaganda against the Islamic regime, promoting anti-Revolutionary groups, insulting sanctities, launching and managing vulgar and obscene sites.” Hossein Derakhshan […]

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THE MARK: BP: 100 Years of Moral Failure

THE MARK | June 22, 2010 Professor, political science, York University; media commentator on the Middle East. by Saeed Rahnema As oil continues to leak into the Gulf, Iranians might remember the company’s dark history in their country. If I were superstitious, I would say that the catastrophic situation BP currently finds itself in vis-a-vis […]

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Video: one year ago today, Basij fire live-rounds into the crowds

A year ago today, the bare brutality of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards Iranians was clearly displayed before the world. Through the use of cell-phone cameras, brave Iranians captured the malignancy of their government, and through the use of the Internet and social media sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, they distributed the images […]

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Tehran Bureau: Martyrs of the Green Movement

Note from the editor of Iran News Now: While normally when we post selected headlines from the web, we post an excerpt of the article followed a link to the original, considering the magnitude and importance of the information in this article (namely, a list of confirmed martyrs of the Green Movement, who gave their […]

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Music: Chris de Burgh Sings new Song, “People of the World” for Neda on the Anniversary of her Death

Chris de Burgh | June 20, 2010 From Chris de Burgh’s Official Site: “On June 20th 2009, during a demonstration in Tehran against what many felt was a fraudulent election result, a young woman called Neda Agha-Soltan was targeted and shot to death by a sniper. An innocent bystander, and some distance away from the […]

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Reuters Africa: Iran discovers major natural gas reserves

Reuters Africa | June 20 TEHRAN June 20 (Reuters) – Iran has discovered 2.19 trillion cubic feet of in-place natural gas reserves in the Islamic state’s northwest, an Iranian newspaper reported on Sunday. Kayhan daily quoted managing director Ahmad Qalebani of the National Iranian Oil Company as saying the discovery took place in the existing […]

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Radio Zamaneh: Rahnavard call for end to discrimination against women in Islamic Republic

Radio Zamaneh | June 20, 2010 Zahra Rahnavard marked the anniversary of the death of Neda Agha-Soltan by issuing a statement stressing that freedom and democracy cannot be achieved without “ending discrimination against women.” In her statement published in Kaleme website, she stressed that the Green Movement is indebted to the “resistance” of women who […]

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Radio Zamaneh: Eight students arrested by Islamic Republic authorities

Radio Zamaneh | June 20, 2010 Eight Iranian university students were arrested charged with “propaganda against the Prophet Mohammad, planning disturbances, promoting monarchy, promoting atheism and disseminating misleading CDs.” Shiraz Intelligence arrested the Open University students who are members of an Association for the publication National Development and were planning to hold a seminar ten […]

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Radio Zamaneh: Forced labour for Iranian political prisoners

Radio Zamaneh | June 19, 2010 Iranian prison authorities have been subjecting political prisoners in section 350 of Evin Prison to forced labour, Kaleme website reports. The prison authorities contend that due to the “commencement of construction in the prison” since the “prison is running out of adequate space for prisoners” decision has been made […]

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Enduring America: Iran Document: Karroubi Takes on the Supreme Leader (20 June)

Enduring America | June 20, 2010 by Scott Lucas Our thanks to an EA reader for translation of extracts of Mehdi Karroubi’s latest statement, published in Saham News: The extent of the [jurisdiction and power of the] jurisprudential leadership (Velayat-e-faqih) has expanded so much that I doubt in some cases, such great power was even […]

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CNN: A year after Neda’s death, Iran movement continues

CNN | June 20, 2010 By Reza Sayah (CNN) — A year ago Sunday, Neda Agha-Soltan died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. Her last moments — captured on a cell phone camera and shown around the world– catapulted her into the symbol of the postelection reform movement in Iran. Today, the Iranian […]

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Video: Heavy Security Presence in Tehran on Anniversary of Murder of Neda Agha Soltan by the Regime

This video is purported to be from today, June 20, 2010, on the anniversary of the murder of Neda Agha-Soltan by the government and regime of Ayatollah Khamenei, showing a heavy security presence on the corner of Vali Asr and Enghelab streets in Tehran. Obviously the regime is nervous about the possibility of protests. Another […]

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CNN Interview’s Karoubi: Iran opposition leader: ‘The future belongs to the people’

CNN | June 12, 2010 Editor’s note: Opposition leader Mehdi Karrubi is a former Iranian Parliament speaker and ran for Iran’s president as a reform candidate. He and others have accused the government of widespread fraud in last year’s election. (CNN) — Iran’s disputed presidential election last year sparked widespread outrage within the Islamic republic […]

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A Salute To The Iranian Protesters, Fighting A Theorcracy

FreakOutNation | June 12, 2010 by Anomaly100 It was one year ago today that protests broke out against the disputed Presidential election in Iran which was the catalyst  for the daily protests ever since. The passion of the protesters won the hearts of many and we’ve been able to watch their continuous fight against a […]

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The day I fled Iran in terror and left my family behind – a journalist’s story

Guardian | June 13, 2010 Saeed Kamali Dehghan One year ago, after a disputed election, a popular uprising almost brought down the Iranian regime. Saeed Kamali Dehghan risked his life to report on the green revolt – but then he made the agonising decision to flee to the UKOne year ago, after a disputed election, […]

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Live-blog: The Day After the Anniversary of the 2009 Rigged Iran Presidential Election

This is a live-blog report on events in Iran on the day following the anniversary of the 2009 Iranian presidential election. Usually in the days following a day of protests, videos and images captured by people on the ground during the protests continue to surface. We will chronicle as many of them as we can […]

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Conversation with Maz Jobrani about his new movie, Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero

For theaters and show times visit

INN Special: A Conversation with Dr. Nina Ansary about Iran’s Women’s Movements

Dr. Nina Ansary is a prominent scholar and historian who has recently published the preeminent book detailing the history of Iran's Women's ...

INN Special: Interview and Conversation with Richard Raymond, Director of Desert Dancer, in Theatres April 10

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A Brave New Documentary by NBC News – #TwitterDiplomacy: The Making of a Nuclear Deal (Preview)

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Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey and Iran President Hassan Rouhani Exchange Tweets on Net Freedom in Iran

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How Diplomacy with Iran will Improve Iran’s Human Rights Situation

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