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Live-blog: Iran, December 31, 2009

This is a live-blog started on reports of military vehicles and troops moving in Tehran. Reports are made as they arrive to us in real-time. To read chronologically, start from the bottom of this report and read upward. [3:35PM Tehran Time] After almost an hour of no new information, an unconfirmed report of tanks moving […]

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Video showing regime police attacking peaceful mourners and protesters

Another video from the Ashura protests. This one shows peaceful mourners and protesters being charged and attacked by regime anti-riot police:

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Video of Regime Police Running Over a Protester

Yesterday we posted a video of a man on the ground, yelling in anguish about witnessing a police car run people over. This may or may not be video of the actual incident but it is proof of the viciousness of the so-called anti-riot police on Ashura, December 27, during the protests on that day. […]

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Two videos showing protesters trap and humiliate regime police

We have already shown the first of these videos in our Ashura Live-blog on December, 27, two days ago. But the two following videos together paint a more full picture of protesters confronting the regime police during Ashura, cornering them, and then humiliating them by forcing one of them to remove his uniform. In the […]

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Video confirms that police in Iran ran over protesters

The following video proves that the so-called police in Iran deliberately ran over protesters during Ashura, December 27, 2009, killing them. An eye-witness, lying down on the ground, who may have also been injured screams in sheer agony: “They ran him over! Three times they ran him over with a police car! Oh God! Oh […]

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Farsi Translation of President Barack Obama’s Address to the Iranian People – پیغام رئس جمهور امریکا به مردم ایران ِ28/12/2009

پیغام رئس جمهور امریکا به مردم ایران ِ28/12/2009 امریکا به همراه جامعه بین المللی شدیداسرکوب غیر عادلانه و وحشیانه مردم بی گناه ایران را محکوم میکند. این سرکوب ها باعث زندانی و مجروح شدن و حتی کشتن مردم شده است. در ماهای اخیر مردم ایران فقط در جستجوی حقوق انسانی خود بوده اند و هر […]

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Sister of Nobel Prize Winner, Shirin Ebadi, arrested in Iran

The Iranian government has arrested Shirin Ebadi’s sister, Noushin Ebadi, in Iran in an attempt to intimidate the Nobel Prize winner. Shirin Ebadi is currently not inside Iran. She spoke today with Reza Sayah from CNN. Click here to read the full story on CNN.

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First video of protests in Iran on December 28, first day after Ashura protests

Videos have surfaced purported to be from today’s protests in Iran, one day following the massive uprising on the tenth day of Moharram, an important day in the shia faith called Ashura. For extensive coverage of yesterdays events, including video, pictures, and commentary check out our live-blog from yesterday: Live-blog coverage of Ashura Uprising in […]

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President Barack Obama clearly Expresses Solidarity with Iranian Protesters

BREAKING NEWS: In a speech today, President Barack Obama, expressed solidarity with the protesters in Iran. Watch the video: Here is the full transcript. The United States joins with the international community in strongly condemning the violent and unjust suppression of innocent Iranian citizens, which has apparently resulted in detentions, injuries and even death. For […]

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What will the regime do now? Arrest people.

Ashura is over, and what a day it was. People turned out in at least the hundreds of thousands and faced down the regime. The regime started the day by trying to create a virtual martial law, security atmosphere. They occupied the major squares in Tehran and various cities throughout Iran. In what has now […]

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Live-blog: Ashura in Iran – December 27, 2009

This is a live-blog report on clashes occurring in Iran on December 27, during the Shia mourning day of Ashura. As reports come in, they will be placed at the top of this page. To read this in chronological order it must be read from the bottom up. Be sure to watch the videos. But […]

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Breaking Video: People free two men from execution in Zanjan

The following amazing video has surfaced showing a crowd of observers of a regime organized execution freeing the prisoners, who are already hanging. You can see them storming a truck while the sound of gunfire is heard, and the cutting the prisoners loose. Apparently the prisoners escaped but were picked up and executed later. (source […]

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Live-blog: Eve of Ashura

This is a live-blog report on clashes occurring in Iran on December 26, on the eve of Ashura. As reports come in, they will be placed at the top of this page. To read this in chronological order it must be read from the bottom up. [10:13AM Tehran Time] This video is of footage from […]

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Tehran Night Chants – December 19 – “Allaho Akbar!” & “Down with Dictator!”

The latest video from Iran of nightly protest chants. These have been a staple of the protest movement since the June 12 presidential election in which Ahmadinejad was declared the winner. This is during Moharram, a time of mourning in the Shiite faith, as the moment builds for planned green movement rallies.

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Iran’s Dissident Cleric, Grand Ayatollah Montazeri Passed Away

NOTE: This is a live-blog article in which updates are being made in real-time as information comes in. To read this in chronological order, read from the bottom up.

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URGENT, BREAKING NEWS: Twitter “hacked” by Iranian Cyber Army

[Update: December 19] HomyLafayette has analysed the Iranian Cyber Army hack. Read it: Twitter homepage hacked by ‘Iranian Cyber Army’. The homepage of the microblogging service Twitter was briefly compromised by a pro-regime group or individual calling itself or himself the Iranian Cyber Army in the early hours (GMT) of Friday, December 18. Normal service […]

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Conversation with Maz Jobrani about his new movie, Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero

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