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The Calm Before the Storm

As the Machiavellian plots continue to unfold in the power structures of Iran, one thing remains certain: the quiet that we are experiencing right now from the people does not mean that they have been silenced. Far from it, this is the quiet before the storm. The Green Movement is alive and well and in waiting for the next opportunity to put a stick in the eye of this regime.

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August 6: Protesters shout “Down with the dictator!” in Vanak, Tehran

The people continue to protest boldy: Youtube: Video of people chanting “Down with the dictator!”

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Live-blogging Iran August 5th, Ahmadinejad Inauguration Day News and Events

[2:12 AM (August 6) Tehran Time] On the night of Ahmadinejads inauguration as President-Select, the people of Iran protest against the regime by chanting “Allah-o-Akbar!” and “Down with the dictator!” from their rooftops and balconies. One cannot help but feel awe-inspired by their bravery: [youtube:] [1:52 AM (August 6) Tehran Time] A full-page ad has […]

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Conversation with Maz Jobrani about his new movie, Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero

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INN Special: A Conversation with Dr. Nina Ansary about Iran’s Women’s Movements

Dr. Nina Ansary is a prominent scholar and historian who has recently published the preeminent book detailing the history of Iran's Women's ...

INN Special: Interview and Conversation with Richard Raymond, Director of Desert Dancer, in Theatres April 10

Listen to the full interview by Sam Razi of the Director of Desert Dancer, Richard Raymond, here: Sam Razi’s Twitter: […]...

A Brave New Documentary by NBC News – #TwitterDiplomacy: The Making of a Nuclear Deal (Preview)

A brave new documentary by the fantastic team at NBC News. Here is a preview posted to YouTube by Ann […]...

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey and Iran President Hassan Rouhani Exchange Tweets on Net Freedom in Iran

Twitter has completely changed the way people of influence communicate with each and with their audiences, in conversations that take [&hell...

How Diplomacy with Iran will Improve Iran’s Human Rights Situation

The possible diplomacy of a moderate president like Rouhani can be a catalyst for human rights and systematic change, but it cannot be do...