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Green Report #13 – Fresh News from Iran – Summary of tweets on Iran from Monday, June 29

Human rights groups claim that so far over 2,000 people are still in detention. Reports have surfaced that there is no more space left for women in Tehran’s official prisons. Human rights’ activists report on unsanitary and inappropriate conditions for imprisoned women protesters in Iran’s overcrowded jails. At least 60 of imprisoned women are in the public wards and have only been given a blanket and are forced to sleep in corridors.

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Green Report #12 – Fresh News from Iran – Summary of tweets on Iran from Sunday, June 28

Thousands of people gathered in Tehran’s Ghoba Mosque today at a rally planned to coincide with the 7 Tir bombing that killed Ayatollah Beheshti and 70 other prominent clerics in 1981. The mosque was filled and the streets and alleys leading up to the mosque were completely crowded by protesters chanting “Where’s our vote?” Reports indicate that the number was somewhere between 3 and 10 thousand. Beheshti’s son addressed the crowd and said that the current regime was pushing people backwards and was not in touch with current realities of the world. He said that the Sea of Green could stand this and were protesting.

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Green Report #11 – Fresh News from Iran – Summary of tweets on Iran from Saturday, June 27

Reports have suggested that there is a bitter divide developing between military leaders on what the military’s role should be in the current unrest and whether they should step in. (This could be not confirmed unfortunately through the most reliable sources). Reports of clerics meeting in secret to discuss the current unrest have surfaces from Qom, Tabriz and Mashhad. It is being suggested that even though clerics had participated in the protests a few days ago, they might join in larger numbers if further protests are held.

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CONFIRMED VIDEO: Iranian MP Alikhani Vocally Calling the Election ‘Rigged’ in Parliament

This video has been called a fake multiple times – yet it is not. Everyone points to the date at the bottom and says it’s 21 years old. The date underneath is NOT March 03, 1988. It’s 26 Khordad 1388, which coincides with Tuesday, June 16, 2009 when protesters were out on the streets demanding a reelection. The SAT with the date isn’t for Saturday. For further authenticity, check out the speaker. It’s Ali Larijani. He’s only been speaker of the Majlis since May 2008. The MP in question is Hajsheikh Alikhani. The video speaks for itself. Read the subtitles for what’s in it. I only certify its authenticity. This is further proof of the political divide and of the election illegitimacy.

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Green Report #10 – Fresh News from Iran – Summary of tweets on Iran from Friday, June 26

Reports indicate that the reason why Khamenei did not attend the prayers was Ayatollah Montazeri’s statements yesterday that denounced the government’s suppression of the protesters’ ‘legitimate demands’. This, according to sources, creates a divide between the powerful clergy which has pressured Khamenei just enough to stop him from giving out another speech of the caliber he gave last week. Whether Montazeri’s current stance will develop into something of a bigger boost to protesters remains to be seen.

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You Will Prevail: Letter to Iran from an active duty US Army Soldier

I support the cause of the Iranian people, and sincerely hope that your voice will be heard by your government, and that what is ultimately right for your country will be solidified, and put into the history books so that our childrens children may know of the struggles we have gone through to provide hope for generations to come.

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Video tour in Farsi of Home Raid by Iranian Police or Basij

[youtube: 285 234]

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Summary of Iran reports on Twitter for June 25

What we were able to confirm was that a large mass of people that tried to gather at martyred protester Neda’s grave site was beaten and dispersed. No one was allowed to stand near her grave for more than a few seconds as police actively sought to beat the protesters out of the area. There were reports of Basijis firing at people from atop a mosque in Tehran. It can be partially confirmed, however, the number of casualties cannot be.

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Latest on situation in Iran – Aljazeera Video

This a good report on the latest happening in Iran. Mentions 70 professors from Tehran University have have been arrested. Contains footage of Basij attacking protesters. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

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Shocking News Footage: Protesters in Iran are being shot and killed by paramilitary Basij!

WARNING! This video may be disturbing to some viewers People being shot and killed in Iran! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO In other news, Wolf Blizter of CNN reports that hundreds of thousands of Iranians are in the streets protesting!

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BREAKING NEWS! Iran’s supreme leader orders investigation into ballot fraud allegations

Iran’s supreme leader has ordered an investigation into the country’s disputed presidential election and asked opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi to pursue his allegation of ballot fraud through legal means.

The country’s government-funded Press TV reported Monday that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had requested the moves.

The news came on the same day as Iran braced for a third day of protests as demonstrators, defying a government ban on their rallies, began to gather at Tehran University.

“They are chanting slogans: ‘Death to the dictator,’” said a witness who CNN will not identify for safety reasons. “We are here. We will not leave the scene until our presence is known.”

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Picture showing CNN’s coverage of Mousavi’s call to rally

Okay, I am utterly exhausted. No sleep in days because I’ve been enthralled watching what’s happening in Iran. I used my video camera to film my TV as it showed CNN’s coverage of the Iran situation. In particular, I wanted to capture a report from an iReporter that was talking to the CNN anchor from […]

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IranNewsNow Twitter account is TOP retweeted

I have been focusing most of my energy today on disseminating information as it comes in on with tag #IranElection. People just kept adding the IranNewsNow account and following it. Anyway, I was just sent a tweet from someone saying that IranNewsNow is the top tweeted on twitter at the moment, which I think […]

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NEWSWEEK.COM: ‘It’s a Coup d’Etat’

What the reformist calls a coup was described today as a great achievement by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the man who has the final say in all affairs of the country. It was an open secret that the current president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was Khamenei’s favorite candidate. If an electoral fraud, tantamount to a coup, had indeed happened, most believe that it was staged with Khamenei’s blessing.

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Amanpour of CNN, Robert Fisk of Independent boldy challenge Ahmadinejad in Press Conference

This is an EXCLUSIVE and original report: In an amazing turn of events after an even more amazing day in the history of Modern Iran, during a live televised Press Conference in Iran, the disputed Ahmadejad was very boldy challenged by Robert Fisk, reporter for the Independent. He challenged Ahmadinejad with courage. I will […]

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Christian Amanpour asks Ahmadinejad if he can guarantee the safety of challenger, Mousavi

Christian Amanpour of CNN says, “You said you are President of all Iranians…. Mousavi, can you guarantee his safety and why have opposition officials been arrested?” Ahmadinejad’s reply “The situation is very good in Iran. It is the most stable country in the world. There is rule of law in this country … All the […]

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